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Faction fountain by Karnepae Faction fountain by Karnepae
this pretty little thing has a bit of a story behind it. yes it is in classic so it's not in full glory (i like classic minecraft, sue me), but i like it.

the story behind it is because of this server i found that i really like, it's called, and it's a faction based rpg server. the race i chose was something called a maiar, a creature that must be in water to live, their life based on their hunger. they don't eat, don't tire by movement, and can fly, as if in creative mode, while in 3 blocks deep water. also, there is 0 limit to their ability while it rains or snows, i guess they're like frogs since they can go on land

this faction base holds 8 member houses and a central throne room, all concealed underground at the corners and mid points. the member houses are simple 7x7 rooms with a bed on one wall, chests lining another, and furnaces to finish. the central room is one of my favorites because the way it's set, the lighting is hidden and anyrace that survives the descent will live

this isn't even the final version, i'm still working on it but i think it's going to grow.
lolnayncat909 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
o-o wow that is HUGEEE!!! lol
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January 3, 2013
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